Gracia Modular House, Barcelona

Client : Cliente privato

Date : May, 2012

The flat in Barcelona are quite small: around 50 square meters. It has created the necessity to find multiple solutions on how the space can be used in a way that the functionality could change in time, depending on the season and on the time of the day.

For this reason the walls of this flat in Gracia have been transformed into mobile modules that can be moved in any part of the flat depending on the functionality of the moment. The “walls” can be totally eliminated and put into the storage room, leaving the whole flat as an open space loft. Also the bed can be hidden in the ceiling by pressing a simple button.

The kitchen walls are sliding doors that can act as a bar top for parties or be totally folded up and hidden, creating even a bigger space to enjoy life in.

Click on the GIF below to see how Modular House works:

[WPGP gif_id=”486″ width=”600″]