Forever 21 Store, Munich

Client : FOREVER 21

Date : December 15, 2014

Online :

One of the Germany first Forever 21 stores: it’s a 2 stairs store (more than 2.000 square meters) designed to create different optical impressions in each different area of the shop, thanks to different lights solutions and ceiling material treatments. From the project to the finishes, the shop was delivered to the client in 3 months, despite many difficulties, thanks to the collaboration of every single worker involved.

Some details about this Forever 21 showroom project:

  • the use of Corian acrylic resin for the main entrance and the checkout area,
  • the careful investigation about lights and materials to give the best prominence to stands and mannequins,
  • the choice of leaving an area of the shop with no ceiling, giving to the street style clothes area an industrial feel.