Pallar House, Albons (Girona)

Client : Privato

Date : 2008

This house was built on the existent structure of an old barn attached to the house of one of the main aristocratic families of Albons, near to the main church of the town.

Taking advantage from the different levels between the back of the barn and the main entry, I created the base for the development of the space inside that grows around the distribution space. The staircase connects vertically all the rooms becoming also the main light stream across the whole house. Above the staircase the light spread out from a skylight on the roof, through the staircase right down to the ground floor where we find a big living room with an open kitchen.

The connection between the public space of the old medieval town and the house private space is the main idea behind the project: in the kitchen the interior space become one with the exterior space, at the first floor the big windows with Venetian blinds create a connection between the privacy of the bedroom and the environment outside and at the second floor the bell tower becomes part of the studio thanks to the skylight on the rooftop.